Advanced 3D Printing

3D printer extruder depositing material
Machine Tests

Extruder Calibration

Calibrating the extruder is a crucial aspect of 3D printing with filament (FDM or FFF). If the extruder distributes too little material, the object will have holes or walls that are too delicate. O...

Material Tests3D printed retraction test part

3D Print Retraction Test

The aim of the retraction test is to achieve a "cleaner" part without material residues in the movement areas of the hotend. The slicer parameters that influence this test are mainly speed and retr...

Material TestsA 3D printed temperature tower test part by Eolas Prints

3D Print Temperature Tower

This test should be carried out every time you print with a new material, as it provides one of the main printing parameter parameter of the filament i.e. the extrusion temperature. This test consi...

Material TestsA 3D printed part to calibrate Print flow by Eolas Prints

3D Print Flow Test

The purpose of this test is to adjust the amount of extruded plastic, that is to say, that the deposited material is the one we want at any given moment. It is performed to correct small variations...