Architectural 3D printing

Architectural 3D printing has revolutionised the way architects create models of their designs. 3D printing models with intricate details and accurate measurements has become much easier and quicker. With the help of architectural 3D printing, architects can now showcase their designs in a more tangible way, giving clients a better understanding of the final product.

3D Modelling

The process of 3D Modelling involves making modifications to the scale of your design to create a file that can be easily printed in 3D while meeting all your specifications. With clear and concise revisions, we can design, modify, and optimise your project files in a more streamlined and cost-effective manner.

3D Printing

Once your files are completed, your blueprints are set to be transformed into tangible objects. Based on the intricacy, features, and complexity of your model, we will suggest a range of 3D printing options that are most suitable for your project.


Creating a 3D model from the floor plans.


A 3D printed architecture model made from our PLA Filament.