Making 3D Printer Filament

A 3D printer filament is a long, flexible strand of plastic that weaves in and out of a hotbed. It’s fed through the hotbed and melted by the heat to become a liquid.

Step 1 - Sourcing


Here at Eolas Prints, our manufacturing process starts with the sourcing raw materials in the form of pellets. We only buy premium quality raw material with full traceability.


Next, we will proceed to dry the pellets. Pellets are hydrophilic elements, which means that they can absorb humidity. This humidity is eliminated during the drying process.

Step 2 - Drying
Step 3 - Extrusion


In this stage, the dried pellets are fed into the extruder which includes a heating chamber. They are melted in this chamber and shaped into string-like material, called filament.


After leaving the heating chamber, the filament is pulled through multiple water chambers. The first chamber contains hot water that helps achieve a rounded shape for its new state. The second chamber houses lukewarm water to help solidify and cool down the filament.

Step 4 - Cooling
Step 5 - Spooling


Here, motors pull the filament from the cooling chamber to a spooling mechanism. The process starts with measuring the diameter of that filament by laser device, making sure it is within tolerance - 1.75 mm or 2.85 mm


The spools are then vacuum packed and boxed using a sturdy box. The finished product is then ready to be shipped anywhere in the world, making sure it arrives safe and sound without damage.

Step 6 - Packaging