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An image of PLA Pellets by Eolas Prints
PLA Pellets
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An image of TPU pellets in granules by Eolas Prints
TPU Pellets
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PETG Pellets
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Halloween 3D Tips and Ideas

Sergio Peciña

October has already begun, and we're celebrating the Autumn Sale. Are you eager to decorate your home, are you in need of a costume, or do you want to learn how? You can use your 3D printer to make whatever you want, and we'll help you create the greatest Halloween party ever by providing you with Halloween themed Basic and Complete packs.

You can find a great variety of Halloween designs in this post, from cute ones for youngsters and scary ones for adults.

3D Printer Software: The best slicers for 3D Printing

Sergio Peciña

You have come this far because you have a 3D printer, GREAT. You've connected it to the network, levelled it and loaded the filament. But wait a minute, how do I send my 3D file so my printer can understand it? This is where slicers come into play.

When we talk about slicer, we refer to the software that slices our 3d file into layers, thus transforming an STL file into a GCODE file. In addition to slicing the object, the slicer adds other parameters such as temperature and speed among many others.

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