Eolas Prints exhibiting at Advanced Factories Expo 2022 held in Barcelona, Spain

After a very difficult time due to the worldwide pandemic, the Eolas Prints management team took the decision to attend Advanced Factories 2022 & Industry congress 4.0 expo which took place in Barcelona, Spain, as exhibitors. The fair attracted 20,654 attendees with 351 exhibiting companies and 295 international experts. Throughout the event, we participated in multiple activities, such as panel discussions, workshops, pitch sessions, and many other activities, to share our vision on the future of the additive manufacturing sector and its plans for the coming years.

Here at the event, we were able to confirm that 3D printing is doing well and its existence within industrial sectors is growing exponentially. The demand for conventional materials such as PLA, TPU and PETG. which we are experts in was at an all-time high.

At the event, we unveiled our new 18 Kg filament spools for our industrial clients for which we received a great feedback from our existing clients along with other process enhancements. We also put in place a new Quality Assurance System which further enhances the quality of our filaments manufactured at our facilities in Cantabria, Northern Spain. We continue to retain our ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications. Undoubtedly the summary of our attendance has been a great success which has already begun to bear fruit in the form of contractual agreements with companies and visitors to the event.

Eolas Prints at Advanced Factories 2022 Expo

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