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Ultimaker Material Allaince Partner, Eolas Prints

How to download and install the material and print profiles for Eolas Prints filaments in Ultimaker Cura?

We have facilitated the process of printing our materials on the Ultimaker S5 or S3 printer by including printing profiles in the widely-used slicer, Ultimaker CURA. Furthermore, we have partnered with Ultimaker as part of their Material Alliance program. All our materials have been tested and approved by Ultimaker and have been made available in the Marketplace. In this post we are going to see how we can download these print profiles for Ultimaker CURA.


Ultimaker CURA

Ultimaker Cura Slicer main page

Once Ultimaker Cura is started, click on the "Marketplace" box at the top right.

Ultimaker Cura Marketplace

Once inside the Marketplace, click on the "Materials" tab.

Ultimaker Cura Marketplace - Materials

Using the search engine, search for "Eolas Prints" and then proceed to install the different print profiles you want. Once we have them installed, we restart the program and we will be able to use them whenever we need them.

Ultimaker Cura Eolas Prints filament selection

Now all you have to do is select the material from the drop-down menu and start the machine.

Ultimaker Cura Eolas Prints PLA

For more information about the Eolas Prints materials in Ultimaker CURA, you can access through your web browser to our marketplace section.

Ultimaker marketplace website

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