Halloween 3D Tips and Ideas

October has already begun, and we're celebrating the Autumn Sale. Are you eager to decorate your home, are you in need of a costume, or do you want to learn how? You can use your 3D printer to make whatever you want, and we'll help you create the greatest Halloween party ever. You can find a great variety of Halloween designs in this post, from cute ones for youngsters and scary ones for adults.


We start with the part of decorating our home, office or establishment, for this we have selected some free models that we think you will like.

Halloween sign

What better way to welcome you to your home than with a 3D printed Halloween sign.

3D Model Halloween Spider Tensegrity Ornament
Designed by 3DPrintBunny, you can download it here
3D Model Trick or Treat Halloween Sign

Designed by 3Dprintersaur, you can download it here


3D Model Floating Ghosts Halloween Ornament

Designed by 3DPrintBunny, you can download it here


3D Model Haunted Hause Halloween Wreath

Designed by 3Dprintersaur, you can download it here

Halloween Scene

Step into this terrifying graveyard with this fantastic model, to which we can add lights for added surprise effect when the lights go out. You can use the complete Halloween pack to print this awesome scene.

3D Model Halloween Grave

 Designed by X3RPM, you can download it here

Skulls column

Chilling sculpture of skulls, it can also be used as a lamp if you put a light inside it to make it even more spooky.

3D Model Pillar of Skulls

Designed by Jukka Seppänen, you can download it here


Be ready with this lamp for when the lights go out, you'll surprise your friends with this illuminated tombstone on the dark Halloween night.

3d Model Halloween Tomb Lamp

Designed by Tolgaaxu, you can download it here


This thematic night could not miss the most representative thing, the carved pumpkins. We leave you several different models so that you can choose the one you like best.

3D Model Halloween Pumpkins

 Designed by fabricke and PatBef, you can download it here

Designed by liquidd, you can download it here


To guard the gateway we have this shadowy bird whose eyes light up; this raven will be on the lookout for you.

If you want to put outside you can use our PETG Certified UV Resistant Filament to withstand inclement weather.

3D Model Halloween Crow

Designed by danman, you can download it here


Funny ghosts that will delight the little ones.

3D Model Little Ghosts V2

 Designed by NARNAA, you can download it here

Wall of hands

Turn your plain walls into sinister and creepy walls with this model, it will look like your walls have life inside.

3D Model Reaching Wall Hands - Thumbtack Mountable
Designed by F0R63, you can download it here


Fully articulated skeleton that will delight the little ones. Very easy to print, it includes a test file to check the horizontal expansion of our machine before printing the whole model.

3D Model Skeleton (Snaps together and moveable)

Designed by Davision3d, you can download it here


Don't have a costume for this magical night, take a look at the following models that you are sure to find.

Bulging eyes

Print out this pair of googly eyes in white, paint the veins and pupils for a more realistic look. You're ready to go and scare your friends.

3D Model Kongo's Bugging Eyeballs

Designed by kongorilla, you can download it here

Baby demon

With this model and a t-shirt, you will get a very funny and unique costume. No one will be able to imagine what you have under your coat.

3D Model Demon Baby Halloween Prop
Designed by taikonaught, you can download it here


We present you two models of lanterns, the first one has a more gloomy design with which you can go disguised as a hunchback or something similar. While the second one is a funnier lantern, very nice for children to carry. Both models have lights to illuminate us in the dark night.

You can print the skull on our transparent PETG Filament to make it shine brighter with the help of the lights inside.

Designed by MakerBot and adafruit, you can download it here


3D Model LED Skull Lantern

Designed by Festus440, you can download it here

Luna Lovegood glasses

Are you a fan of the Harry Potter Saga, here is a model with lights of Luna Lovegood's glasses.

3D Model Harry Potter - Luna Lovegood Spectre Spec frames for Adafruit NeoPixel Goggles
Designed by PurpleOranji, you can download it here

Tony Stark's MARK I Reactor

Become Tony Stark and put the MARK I reactor on your own chest. It has lights to make it as close as possible to the one in the film.

3D Model Tony Stark Wearable Arc Reactor
Designed by MishaT, you can download it here


Make it look like you have a spatula stuck in your hand, print this two-piece model and with the help of a little make-up make it look real. It's a great last minute costume that takes little time to print.

3D Model Halloween Spatula

Designed by DEUNSFACTORY, you can download it here

Cat skull mask

Very nice design by Clinton Primley to give us an unusual skeleton mask as it is of a cat.

3D Model Cat Skull Mask

Designed by UpInAtoms, you can download it here

Gas mask

With the help of LEDs and this model make your gas mask unique and look fantastic in the dark.

For a more realistic result you can print it with our PLA Matte filament.

3D Model NeoPixel LED Gas Mask

Designed by adafruit, you can download it here

Other things


If you want your party to be spectacular, there is nothing better than serving the appetisers in these containers forming the mythical phrase "Treat or Trick".

You can print with our PLA Filament certified food contact safe.

3D Model Halloween Trick or Treat Party Bowls

Designed by TONE001, you can download it here

If you don't like these bowls, why not print a cauldron of potions to give sweets. Here is the a big one we have printed so that we can fit lots of sweets in it.

3D Model Cauldron Planter

 Designed by DC, you can download it here


If you want to be elegant but at the same time with a little touch of terror, here you have a design of our earrings. They have been printed with our TPU Flexible Filament so that they are comfortable to wear all day long.

3D Model Halloween Earrings

 Designed by our very own Speci_94, you can download it here

Credits: www.thingiverse.com, www.cults3d.com, www.printables.com, www.myminifactory.com

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