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Bambu studio filament profiles for Eolas Prints filaments

Bambu Studio Filament Profiles by Eolas Prints

We are pleased to inform you that printing our materials on your Bambu Lab printers P1 & X1 has been simplified. We have added printing profiles to the highly innovative Bambu Studio, a disruptive printer from Bambu Lab. These bambu studio filament profiles are designed to enhance your printing experience by streamlining the process. In this post, we will guide you on how to download these bambu lab filament profiles for Bambu Studio, making it easier for you to access and utilise these comprehensive and user-friendly profiles.

Bambu Studio

Download the print profiles from the link below.

Eolas Prints Filament Profiles for Bambu Studio

To initiate the process, start by opening the Bambu Studio application on your computer. Navigate your way to the 'File' tab located in the menu bar and from the dropdown list, select 'import'. This will lead you to another set of options wherein you need to choose 'Config'. Now select the files which you downloaded above. Once this selection is made, finalise the import process by clicking on 'import'.

The imported print profiles are now ready to be selected in the Filament section. 

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