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These Terms and Conditions establish the conditions for sales made between any natural or legal person wishing to make a purchase of EOLAS PRINTS, S.L (“Products”) at www.eolasprints.com (“Online Store”).

The online store is owned and operated by EOLAS PRINTS, S.L., residing in Parque Empresarial Besaya D-14, 39538 Reocín (Cantabria), C.I.F. B-39813605, and phone number (+34) 942 735 955.

1.- About these terms and conditions

These Terms and Conditions are applicable only to purchases made in the Online Store. Please read this document carefully.


Occasionally, we may change these Terms and Conditions. We will detail in the heading the date of entry into force. Any change in the Terms and Conditions will apply to orders placed on or after the date of entry into force.


2.- Purchase of Eolas Prints´ Products

The details of the products available for purchase (including their corresponding price) are specified in the Online Shop. EOLAS PRINTS, S.L will take all necessary and reasonable measures to ensure that all details, descriptions and prices of the products that appear in the Online Shop are correct. While we will try our best to keep the Online Store as up to date as possible, the information specified at any given time may not always reflect the exact situation when you place an order.

In order to purchase Product / s, you must:

  1. Provide your name and address
  2. Telephone number
  3. Email address
  4. Payment details
  5. Other information required.

You are responsible for the information you provide us. In case you have created an account with a personal user ID and a password, keep your password protected at all times and do not make it known to anyone, since you are personally responsible for each purchase made with your identification user name and password.

3.- Processing an Order and concluding the Contract

Once you have selected the products you want to purchase, those products will be included in the shopping cart. At the end of the process, you will see an “order summary” in which you can identify and correct possible information errors.

Once the purchase process has been completed, we will obtain an authorization from the company selling your credit or debit card for the amount indicated on the order summary page. At this stage of the process, we will not detract funds from your card, although the balance available on your card will be reduced with authorization. This process is the usual procedure followed by banks. If your credit card is not authorized, the order will not be processed. Eolas Prints will send you an e-mail confirming the receipt of your product order, accepting it in your case and confirming that the products you have requested will be sent to you (“Shipment Confirmation”).

You and Eolas Prints will have entered into a contract of sale of the products requested by you once we have sent you the Confirmation of Delivery e-mail.

The text of the contract of sale will be included in the e-mail of Confirmation of Shipment and will be stored by EOLAS PRINTS, S.L, although it will not be accessible to the Client after the conclusion of the contract.

EOLAS PRINTS, S.L may refuse the processing of the order, or be unable to proceed with such processing, in the following cases, without limitation:

  1. When the product requested by you has ceased to be manufactured or is not available;
  2. When the vendor of your credit or debit card does not authorize payment of the purchase price;
  3. When it does not fulfill the criteria for the execution of orders specified at the beginning of this section.

4.- Prices, Transportation and Handling, Charges and Taxes.

The price charged for a Product will be the price in force at the time the order is placed and will be reflected in the order confirmation email. We may change prices at any time without notice. Price increases will only apply to orders placed after such changes.

Prices of the Product (s) include VAT or other applicable taxes, but do not include transportation and handling costs. The charges corresponding to transportation, handling and their corresponding VAT or other taxes, will be displayed in the Online Shop during the processing of the order and, in any case, in the email confirmation of your Order.

If certain costs can not be reasonably calculated before the conclusion of the contract, we will inform you of how the total price will be calculated.


5.- Delivery

The delivery options are as follows (Spain): –  Standard: Estimated delivery time: 3-7 business days-  Express: Estimated delivery time: 2 to 3 business days-  Both the delivery time and the delivery option you choose will be confirmed in the order             confirmation.


The delivery period will not exceed 30 days from the conclusion of the contract, unless you, specifically, accept a later date. In case you do not receive the order within this period, you will have the right to request delivery, giving us a new reasonable delivery period. If this is not the case, you may terminate the contract and you will be entitled to be reimbursed for all the amounts you have paid.

We may reject orders in which you require a specific delivery time, if this implies the impossibility of meeting the required delivery time. In those cases in which you have requested delivery within a certain period or days, you will have the right to terminate the contract if we do not meet the specific term.

If you place an order for Custom Products, the term of manufacture for such Products  will be added to the delivery period of the selected delivery option.

In case you unreasonably avoid delivery or delay delivery after we have notified you that we have attempted to deliver the requested Products, or if you have provided us with a delivery address incorrectly resulting in a failed delivery, the package to be delivered will be returned to us. In the event that, after the first delivery attempt, the Products remain undelivered for a period of 7 working days and are returned to us without being delivered, we will have the right to cancel the contract and we will refund the amount.

We will not be responsible for the delay or non-compliance in case the delay or non-compliance is due to circumstances beyond our control in accordance with generally accepted law or principle.

Please review the delivered package and the Products received within 14 days from the date of delivery and verify the status of the delivered package. In case of damage to the Product (s) or in case of missing Product, please contact our Customer Service, writing to us at the following email: info@eolasprints.com; or by calling us at the following telephone number: +34 942 735 955.


Disponibilidad del/de los Producto(s)

We don’t guarantee the availability of any product in the online store.

Unless we accept your order, we reserve the right, without responsability or advance notice, of changing, cancelling or interrupting the availability of any product.


7.- Compatibility, Product information

When you make an order, please make sure that the products you are about to purchase are compatible with the use you want to give them. Please, use the information we give you in the website as the primordial information to check the compatibility. If there is any difference between the content of our online store and the other websites (or any other source of information), the compatibility of the product that we indicate in our online store, will be the only one you must follow.

8.- Payment

The payments can be made by credit card, (Visa/MasterCard), PayPal or bank transfer.

All payments will be subject to security controls.

Therefore, it is possible that our staff contact with you to confirm the information of your order.

9.- Returns and Refunds

Please, note that we only process returns and refunds for the products purchased from our online store.

Right of withdrawal: If you have purchased products for private use as consumer and you want to apply your right of withdrawal for the contract and to return them, you could do it if you notify previously to our customer service, within 15 days from the delivery date

In the case of a contract relating to multiple Products, your right of withdrawal will expire within 15 calendar days from the date you received the last Product.

In order to exercise your right of withdrawal, please make an unequivocal statement before us, for example, by contacting our Customer Service Department, by phone, email or using the contact form.

You may only return Products which have been reasonably cared by you and which have not been used in a wrong way than that which is necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and correctness operation of the Products. You will be responsible for any decrease in the value of the Product derived from a bad use by you of the Product.

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