Once a 3D printer has been purchased, one of the main questions that comes to mind is surely about the type of things that can be printed with it. The possibilities are practically endless, where the only limit is surely the imagination and the desire to print it. However, the ideal is to use a three-dimensional printer to obtain objects that are at least useful - after the initial brainstorming on which objects to take into the tangible - that can have a practical application and that can help to replace damaged objects or new ones.

Highly versatile elements

3D printers allow almost any object that has been damaged or found to be broken to be recreated. From a simple piece to more complex structures. Three-dimensional printers, with the right programs and measurements, can create parts that can validly replace those that are already worn or damaged. Surely, at the beginning many users will make the first impressions of plans and typical models, which in many cases hardly have a function beyond the decorative one. However, 3D printers can provide more interesting options than merely decorative ones. Here are some of the parts to be manufactured with a 3D printer; pieces and objects that have an outstanding utility, especially in the domestic sphere.

Very useful objects in the home

Homes often need small objects, which, although simple, are really useful and can be a perfect solution, avoiding having to buy a new object or piece. Items that can save a significant amount of money at the end of the year, as it avoids having to go to the store to buy a new replacement for the damaged or broken item. For example, it is possible to print different household items. From simple but useful coasters, to small hooks where you can hang the typical tablecloth or kitchen towels. Also can be printed dish drainer, where you can put the plates and cutlery commonly used. Simple bottle openers, juicers, soap dishes, to useful clips to close bags. Plant enthusiasts have at their disposal a large number of models of small 3D-printed pots, to which they can even add a self-watering system.

Pieces for offices and desks

Utility is one of the main premises when printing objects in three dimensions. In this way, both in the office and at home, it is possible to print truly varied objects. From small cable holders, with which to organize the jungle of keys that often form on tables where there are computers, printers, mobiles, etc ... Useful supports to store headphones, sliding windows to cover the webcam of computers and tablets. It is also possible to print a wide variety of smartphone holders, where you can put your mobile while it is charging. Small pieces, such as tweezers, safety pins or pencil pots, are other of the many objects that can be brought to life if you have a suitable three-dimensional printer. One of the most advantageous aspects of 3D printers is that it is possible to apply the desired measures according to the needs of each person. This makes it possible to recreate all kinds of boxes in which to store from a few simple clips, pushpins, to more complex boxes where to locate memory cards, pen drives or small objects that can be easily lost. Each person in their leisure time or in their professional facet, has at their disposal these 3D printers, which become excellent allies, especially when it is urgent to recreate small objects or pieces in record time, and it is important to obtain a fix as as a substitute that can continue to fulfill the same mission as the part to be replaced.

Curious objects to 3D print

There are a large number of objects to be printed in 3D, which in many cases can be really curious. So for example, with a three-dimensional printer you can recreate objects such as a card shuffler, a gadget that can be the perfect gift for a special date. You can even print coin sorters, table clamps, or simple boxes where you can put the batteries that are already exhausted. With the appropriate plans and models, it is possible to print almost any object you have in mind. It all depends on time and the will to make them come true. The pieces or elements that are based on modules and simple structures, are the most suitable for those first-time people in the world of 3D printing, who want to start with simple but functional objects, to later begin to recreate objects of greater complexity, that require several hours of creation and a significant amount