Eolas Prints: What are your sources of inspiration? How did the idea of using 3D printing for your fashion show come about?

Marta Casal: Everything that surrounds us can be inspiring in one way or another, art, fashion or the most everyday. In the case of the brand's projects, they arise as product movements of their environment, they are part of the current world. The collection represents the process that many of us have gone through in 2020 when a pandemic emerged. Reflection, evasion and existentialism. The search to free oneself from the stigma acquired in the city and relearn to enjoy what is essential.

The idea was to reflect the passage of human beings through nature. For this reason, using the same design criteria, we seek to create a dualism in the accessories through the materials. Pieces made by hand by artisans (O Son das Varas) with untreated natural materials, using the chaos technique and combined with footwear made in the most innovative way possible, with 3D print.

EP: Did you get comments from people seeing something so different? Which?

MC: For the show they were a “plus”, everyone was surprised to learn that they were 3D printed. Footwear is a very important part of fashion collections, in this case apart from supporting the concept, aesthetically they fit perfectly.

EP: Did someone try to get the idea out of your head?

MC: When we saw the times, it was ourselves who doubted, but we tried, and we succeeded. We arrived on the day of the parade with the 15 pairs we needed.

EP: What do you want to convey through your designs?

MC: Creativity and confidence as well as trend. Our client is a person who values fashion and originality, seeks to have exclusive pieces in his wardrobe and to invest in design rather than in mass consumption.

EP: Do you feel part of the “maker” collective?

MC: I don't think I should include myself in the category, I like to do creative projects using different media and this project has been possible thanks to the work team that we have formed.

EP: What color did you choose from the Eolas range of filaments and why?

MC: We use beige and mint. They were two very special Eolas shades that fit into the color range of the garments. We also saw the trend of mint footwear in the latest fashion shows of some of the big brands.

EP: In what other ways do you see that fashion can be complemented with 3D printing?

MC: It is having more and more applications, from making pieces to making the fabric itself, I find it fascinating to be able to create your own material.

EP: What are the benefits of 3D technologies over conventional working methods?

MC: See the final product digitally before it is real to be able to treat or modify it and thus have the highest success rate.

EP: Do you think more designers are going to use 3D printing in their designs? Do you know anyone who has already done it?

MC: Of course, designers have been working and researching for years and there is more and more demand for innovative products, so I think it is something accessible for many people to apply in future designs.

EP: What stood out to you the most in the process of making the shoes in 3D? Did you suffer any setbacks?

MC: The quality of the material, its flexibility once the final product was printed was what struck me the most. Have the first finished piece in my hands and put it on. We had some printing failures at the beginning, the printers were running 24 hours, but everything came out within the expected times.

EP: How would you encourage professionals from different areas and sectors to try 3D printing or use it for their creations?

MC: It's a way to test yourself, I encourage you to do new things that you haven't tried before. I am always motivated by the satisfaction of learning new techniques and getting different products.

EP: Do you think 3D printing is revolutionizing technology?

MC: Totally, 3D printing has been around for a long time in all fields, including medicine. Fashion could not fail to join this trend.

EP: Do you have more projects in mind with 3D printing?

MC: I would like to integrate it back into my next collection, but I still can't reveal how. It has been a pleasant experience working with 3D printing and having been able to count on the collaboration of Eolas. Thanks to them we have presented a collection of 3D footwear at the Spanish Fashion Week.