Solidarity 3D products for the fight against Coronavirus

EOLAS Print continues its commitment to solidarity 3D products for the fight against Covid-19 in Spain and involves the industrial group in its initiative Ercros of basic chemistry with headquarters in Barcelona and ten production centers on the peninsula.

Guaranteed supply of filaments and social aid

Since the global pandemic broke out, EOLAS Print has wanted to contribute its grain of sand to face the Coronavirus with the tools and resources that were in its hands. For this reason, the brand has been involved with social movements and projects, public and private entities, as well as private makers through the supply of raw materials, that is, filaments for 3D printers, under special economic conditions for the creation of protection elements both for medical and private use. In fact, the EOLAS Print human team has made a remarkable effort to keep the stock of material always available for those who need it.

On the other hand, the start-up, dedicated since 2016 to the manufacture of consumables for Molten Material Deposition (FDM) 3D printers, has launched an initiative of solidarity 3D products open to citizens.

The aim is that anyone can purchase (with a discount and through a code) a roll of PLA filament (a high-quality PREMIUM filament manufactured in Europe for 3D printers) so that it can be delivered in any of the initiatives attached to the solidarity program such as, for example, the group of companies or the non-profit group The latter has made possible the distribution of 2,200 protection screens to sectors of first need when it was impossible to obtain them.

Now, and being aware of how difficult it is to reverse the health situation caused by the Coronavirus, EOLAS Print has wanted to take a further step forward by involving Ercros in its fight. 

500 kg ErcrosBio® for 3D products againts  Covid-19

Ercors has donated  500 kg of ErcrosBio® to EOLAS Print for the manufacture of solidarity and necessary 3D products in the fight against Coronavirus: protection elements, useful ..., which are being printed in 3D to supply the different social projects underway adhering to the proposal of the Cantabrian brand.

ErcrosBio® is a patented bioplastic designed for medical and surgical use, among others. Its production is based on renewable plant raw materials (biobased) such as sugar cane and is biodegradable, biocompostable and recyclable, characteristics that make it a sustainable product with a low carbon footprint.

Those 500 kg of raw material are destined to the creation of solidarity products through the collaborative network developed at an acquisition cost of € 13 per 1 kg. The approximate equivalence is 1 kg of material per 50 protective visors.

Health personnel from all over Spain continue in their fight against the Coronavirus in need of protection elements that cannot stop being supplied due to their usefulness to avoid possible infections. These types of altruistic resources, made available to those professionals who really need them, only highlight the willingness of companies and citizens to create support networks when they are most needed, regardless of their size, condition or type of activity.

From EOLAS Print we thank Ercros for their unconditional support and speed when it comes to supplying the supplies, and to the institutions and people attached to our solidarity project for their perseverance and altruism.